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Creating easy to use software solutions for businesses and consumers.

About RazorAnt Software

Founded in 2006, RazorAnt Software is an indie software company that builds clean, easy to use mobile and web apps for businesses and consumers throughout the world.

Al Nyveldt

Developer / Consultant

Al Nyveldt

My name is Al. I have been developing software since I was young and have worked in many industries including healthcare, real estate, government and transportation. Eventually, I began working for myself under the name RazorAnt Software. I enjoy working directly with my customers and finding solutions that work for them without all the overhead of large consulting firms.


We create solutions that do exactly what our customers need.

Web applications

Web apps are accessable everywhere and are often the best way to deploy a solution to a remote friendly work environment.

Mobile apps

Everyone is connected with their phones today. Custom mobile apps create great, easy to use experiences for your employees and clients.

Custom intergation

More than ever, we have systems upon systems for various areas of our business. We can help move data between them and connect them.

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