RunNow F.A.Q.

Thanks for your interest in RunNow. Below are some of the questions we often get.

  • Why did I not get a notification?

    RunNow must be on screen to notify you when you are using it. Closing the app will stop any notifications (vibrate or sound). The app will stay open on its own. To avoid accidental touches while working out, tap the lock symbol to lock the screen.

  • How do you delete log entries?

    When viewing the log, you can swipe your finger across an entry (left to right) and then a delete button will appear. Tap the delete button to remove the entry.

  • My workouts are not appearing in the log. What is wrong?

    When you let a workout run to the end, it should automatically post in the log. If you stop early, press the pause button and then press "End Workout". This will capture the workout in the log and reset the timer so the next time you start a workout it will start from the beginning.

    We've heard of a few cases where people are using it correctly, but the log just stops working. We have not been able to replicate the issue on our devices. If you are in this situation, try force quiting the app with the instructions below.

    1. Close the RunNow app.
    2. Double click your iPhone button and you should see the list off apps currently running on your device.
    3. Touch and hold the RunNow icon. Wait until it starts to wiggle and has a red minus badge in the upper left. Then, let go.
    4. Tap the Red Minus badge and the RunNow icon will disappear.
    5. Press your iPhone button again to get back the normal iPhone screen.
    6. Now touch the RunNow icon again to launch it.

    If this doesn't help, the next step would be to try a full reset as described below. You will lose any store data in your log however.

  • My app will not launch or is crashing shortly after launch. What do I do?

    There could be a few things going on here. The first thing to try is to delete the app and then re-download it with the instructions below.

    1. Close the RunNow app.
    2. Touch and hold the icon until it starts to shake and an X appears in the upper left of the icon.
    3. Touch the X and then touch Delete from the confirm box that comes up.
    4. Now the app should be gone.
    5. Go back to the App Store and download the app again.
    6. Restore your in app purchase (if applicable) in the Settings menu.

    Note: This process will remove any saved data (logs, settings) you may have had stored.

  • Why is vibrate not working?

    If you wish to use vibrate, make sure your phone is in vibrate/silent mode.

  • How can I listen to music while using the app?

    To listen to music or other audio while using RunNow, simply start your audio playing before you launch RunNow. When in RunNow, your audio will continue to play and RunNow notifications will play over your audio.

  • Why doesn't run now track how far I've gone?

    RunNow is a timer app. It does not use the GPS or any other means to track steps. It was designed for couch to 5k usage which is based on time instead of mileage.

  • I re-downloaded my app and lost my pro version. How do I get these back?

    Each app that has an "in app purchase" has a "Restore" button near the purchase option. Use this and enter your Apple ID password to retrieve your Pro features.