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Working with Line Item Blueprints

Line Item Blueprints enable users to construct invoices from frequently occurring services and products. To add some blueprints open the editor using Show Line Item Blueprints under Window in the main menu.

Line Item Blueprint Window

At the top of the panel you'll see a table with all of the existing blueprints and at the bottom, various fields to edit the current selection. To create a new blueprint simply click on the New button underneath the table and give it some values such as the line item description, cost type and cost details.

When you are ready to add these to an invoice simply open up a new or existing invoice, select the blueprints you want to copy over and hit Add to Invoice. New line items will be created inside of the invoice, copying all of the relevant settings of the blueprints.

Line Item Blueprints is a great way to save your self some repetitive data entry if you find yourself invoicing for the same things over and over again.

Screencast Demo

Check out this short screencast to see line item blueprints in action:

Line Item Blueprints Screencast (1:07)