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The reports view is where everything comes together to show you how your business is really doing. Your reports are listed in the left column on the reports view. ProfitTrain comes out of the box with just 4 simple reports, but more reports are available through the Reports gallery.

Publish Window

To use reports, select the report you want by clicking on it. Then fill in your requested start and end dates and click Run Report. Upon clicking Run Report, the report is generated and displayed in the main view area.

In the lower right corner are options to save or print the report in the view area. To change your dates and run again, click the edit button along the bottom bar.

To change to a new report, just click on it in the left column list.

Reports can be added to ProfitTrain without much hassle. Press the + button in the lower left corner to get the Add Reports window. This gives you quick access to a video on adding new reports, the reports gallery and information on making your own reports.

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