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Migrating from Billable

This article will help you get your Billable data into ProfitTrain and explain some of the common issues people encounter.

Importing your data

To import your data, make sure Billable is not running and then use the File > Import > Billable from the main menu. This will start up the import utility.

The utility will check to make sure the data it is importing is from Billable version 1.2.4. If it is not from this version you will be asked to update Billable and try again.

The import utility will copy over your business, all of its clients, services and invoices. If you have any problems please send us a copy of your Billable.sqlite file so we can help get you up and running.

Common Questions and Issues

Un-invoiced services are missing

After the import you may expect to see un-invoiced services from Billable appear in the to do lists. Unfortunately because Billable service objects are more complicated than ProfitTrain To Do objects we had to put them in an "Open" invoice instead.

Logo is too big or too small

Back in Billable, when a logo was "rendered" into a PDF invoice via the Safari engine it always displayed using a 72 dpi resolution. ProfitTrain on the other hand will honor the resolution of the image. If you are having trouble with an image size, try adjusting the image resolution / width / height using an image program like Acorn or Photoshop.

Even better, we recommend creating a vector PDF image with a width and height proportional to an 8.5 in x 11 in piece of paper. This will show up very crisp on the resulting invoice.

If you must use a bitmap image try using a high resolution like 300 or 600 dpi.

Custom invoice template does not migrate

This is a known limitation. Because of the volume of changes made in the default template and the fact we now use a new template language, migrating custom templates from Billable was not a feasible option. We have an article on creating a new custom template. Via this article you can download a generic template bundle (based on the current ProfitTrain default) and migrate over any visual changes you need, one by one. If you have trouble you can ask for assistance by contacting us directly.