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Invoice Numbers

The reports view is where everything comes together to show you how your business is really doing. Your reports are listed in the left column on the reports view. ProfitTrain comes out of the box with just 4 simple reports, but more reports are available through the Reports gallery.

An invoice number is a unique identifier printed on each invoice to keep track of things. It is editable in the edit invoice sheet but rather than asking the user to manually generate this every time, ProfitTrain will do it automatically.

If you want to use a different scheme to generate invoice numbers we support a number of options.

Invoice Number Scheme

How ProfitTrain generates invoice numbers

When a user creates a new invoice and ProfitTrain needs to generate a new invoice number it grabs the invoice number scheme as setup in the Business Editor. This scheme can be made up of various tokens that represent the next business number, the next client number or various date fields.

The default behavior of ProfitTrain is to keep all the invoices for the business in sequence. We use a global incrementing business number which is editable right in the Business Editor and starts at 1001.

If you want ProfitTrain to generate invoice numbers that are sequential for the clients you can take advantage of the Next Client Number token and Client Name token. Each client has their own "next client number", editable via the Client Inspector.

An example, let's say you want each invoice number to be made up of the client's name and a client specific number sequence.

  1. Hit the clear button to get rid of the current scheme.
  2. Check the Client Name and then the Client Number checkboxes to add those tokens to the scheme.
  3. Optionally, use the disclosure triangle on the token for Client Name to adjust it to Client Abbreviation.
  4. Optionally, use the disclosure triangle on the Client Number token to have it use leading zeros.
  5. If you want to add a dash or other punctuation to the scheme just set your insertion point and type as normal.

If you have existing invoices in the system you can regenerate their invoice numbers after editing the scheme using the utility at the bottom.

If you don't want ProfitTrain to automatically enter invoice numbers simply delete all the tokens and punctuation from the scheme.