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ProfitTrain F.A.Q.

Below are some of the questions we often get.

  • How do I move my ProfitTrain data from my old Mac to my new one?

    Check out this screencast showing where to find your ProfitTrain data so you can copy it to your new Mac.

    Screencast: Moving ProfitTrain to a new Mac

  • How do I share my data between 2 Macs (my laptop and my desktop)?

    ProfitTrain is designed to be used on a single Mac as the data is stored in your Library folder. However, it is pretty easy to move this data to Dropbox to sync your ProfitTrain data between multiple computers. This isn't meant for multi-user access, but works great for sharing your ProfitTrain data between a laptop and desktop.

    Screencast: Setting up Dropbox for Syncing

  • I accidentally deleted a client or invoice. Can you help me get it back?

    ProfitTrain makes a backup of your data each time you enter ProfitTrain and stores it in a backup folder. Watch this short screencast to learn how to do a restore.

  • How do I change the default currency used by ProfitTrain?

    ProfitTrain uses the system default currency. You can change this in System Preferences, under Language & Text and the Region View. See the image below.

    Region view in System Preferences