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ProfitTrain also has the ability to make estimates. Estimates are special type of invoice in ProfitTrain. You start out by making a new invoice and then in the setting you change the status to Estimate.

Estimates can be printed and emailed just like published invoices. To do this, you need to right click the publish button to get the option menu.

Important: If you publish an estimate, it will turn it into an invoice and mark a charge in your balance sheet. It is a common mistake to publish in order to print and then find out it is now actually an invoice so only publish an estimate if you actually want to bill it.

If you do plan to turn the estimate into an invoice, but want to keep a copy of the original estimate, you can duplicate it and then change the status (or publish) the duplicate. This will keep the estimate and give you an invoice based on it. To do this, just right click the estimate line in the list of invoices (and estimates) and select duplicate. ProfitTrain will make a duplicate entry with an Open status.