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Data Gathering

In the interest of full disclosure I want to take a second to explain the various ways ProfitTrain submits data to the internet.

Serial Logging

To help combat piracy, on launch ProfitTrain will attempt to make a connection with the RazorAnt Software website. If that connection succeeds a log entry will be created that stores the IP address of the request, the UUID of the local database, and the user's serial (if available). If the connection can not be made, no log is created and no ill effect will happen in the ProfitTrain.

If you use a program such as Little Snitch you can feel free to block the request. Your software will continue to function properly regardless of the connection result.

This is not software activation. It is an attempt to identify serials which are being posted on user forums for mass piracy. Over time we may take the worst of these offenders and ask those users to purchase a legitimate copy of the software. As long as you don't share your serial with others this will not affect you. Similarly, this does not affect users who use a legitimate license of the software on both a desktop and laptop.

Software Update

The second way in which ProfitTrain gathers data is Sparkle, the popular in-app update framework.


When you launch ProfitTrain for the second time it will ask you if you want Sparkle to automatically check for updates. It will also let you submit profile information including stats on your computer hardware. These stats helps us decide what kind of systems to support in the future.

Like Serial Logging, the Software Update calls to the web server can be blocked without any ill effect to the software.

Bottom Line

If you don't want our software connecting to the internet it is block-able with no change to the way the software functions.

If for some reasons our servers are down and the connection fails, there is no change to the way the software functions.