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Manage Clients

Before we make some clients, make sure you have the correct business selected in the toolbar under Active Business. Then from the File menu choose New Client or press the "+" button in the lower left corner of the window.

"New Client" will now be in the source list and unless you have clients with bizarre names like "New Client" you'll probably want to edit their name and contact info. To do so, double click the client or right click the client and choose Show Client Inspector.

Client Inspector

The client inspector is very similar to the business editor but not quite as detailed.


Under the contact tab you'll see various fields to store the contact information related to this client. The contact information can be linked to an Address Book card by clicking on the card icon in the top right corner. Once linked, the contact info is no longer editable in ProfitTrain directly. To edit, use AddressBook.app. The changes will be synced into ProfitTrain from Address Book when you are done. To unlink the Address Book card uncheck the "Get changes from Address Book" checkbox. At this point all edits are stored only in ProfitTrain.


The client settings tab is a place you can change a client from Active to inactive or set the client invoice number.


The defaults tab is where you can set client specific billing rates, tax details, invoice templates and other info. These are copied out of your business defaults on client creation, but can be changed on a per client basis here.