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Business Setup

When you first launch ProfitTrain it will create a business based on your contact info from Address Book. To edit this, open the Business Editor using the main menu Window > Show Business Editor or choose Edit… at the bottom of the Active Business pulldown in the main window toolbar.

Business Editor

ProfitTrain has built-in support for running many businesses. Using the Business Editor you can edit various attributes of existing businesses or create new businesses from scratch. To switch which business you want to manage in ProfitTrain use the Active Business pulldown in the main window toolbar.

Contact Information

Under the contact tab you'll see various fields to store the contact information related to this business. The contact information can be linked to an Address Book card by clicking on the card icon in the top right corner. Once linked, the contact info is no longer editable in ProfitTrain directly. To edit, use AddressBook.app. The changes will be synced into ProfitTrain from Address Book when you are done. To unlink the Address Book card uncheck the "Get changes from Address Book" checkbox. At this point all edits are stored only in ProfitTrain.


Under the next tab, Defaults, you'll see a series of fields for hourly rate, taxes and so on. These values are copied over to new clients when they are created. Later when you make an invoice the values are copied again, this time from the client to the invoice.

The reason we do all this copying is to support future changes. You wouldn't want a change in the tax code or your hourly rate to effect previous invoices in the system so all the values are copied. Furthermore this pattern enables you to have different hourly rates for different clients.

If you ever need to change one of these defaults and you'd like to update the existing clients, edit the values then use the button at the bottom labeled "Update Existing Clients…". This will bring up a sheet asking you which fields to update.

Invoice Number Scheme

This tab is where you can create a unique invoice number scheme for your business. ProfitTrain is extremely flexible with this. Please check out the full help topic on Invoice Number Schemes.


This tab gives you the option to add a logo for your business. Logos are not required but if you have one, it is likely you want to use it. You can drag the image to the image box or click the choose button to find your logo file and add it to ProfitTrain.

If you have put a logo in and wish to remove it, click the clear button.


The last tab is labeled translations. It contains a number of label names and actual text. These are used as an easy way to change the text on invoices without creating a custom template.

For example, if you want to change the text "Invoice Number" on your invoice to "Inv. #", you can double click on the actual text for CB_InvoiceNumber and change it. When you rebuild your invoice, it will read "Inv. #".