Simple invoicing for Mac OS X. Just what you need to run your small consultancy or business.

ProfitTrain is no longer available for purchase but will still be supported until August 2018.


Easy Invoicing

Create invoices from scratch or from task items.

Customizable Invoice Templates

Use our invoice templates or make one exactly to your liking with an html template.

Track Expenses

Save expenses by categories you define and pass them on to your clients right on the invoice if you desire.

Detailed Reporting

Built-in reports to run your business and the ability to make your own custom reports.

Advanced Features

Multiple Businesses

Quickly switch between multiple businesses.

Client Defaults

Each client can have different rates, taxes, due dates and other settings.


Store recurring products and services for quickly adding to your invoices.


Create estimate invoices for client bids.

Task & Time Tracking

Per client task and time lists. Enter time directly or use our built-in stopwatch.

Simple. Flexible. Essential.

Invoicing for Mac OS X