ProfitTrainIcon ProfitTrain: Simple Invoicing for Mac OS X
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Multiple Businesses

Switch the active business right in the toolbar.

Per-Client Defaults

Unique hourly rates, due dates, tax setting.

Sync with AddressBook

Keep contact information up-to-date.

To Dos & Time Tracking

Per-client to do lists. Built-in stopwatch.

Multiple Invoice Workflows

New invoices based on to do items or from scratch.

Flexible Cost Types

Flat fees or calculated totals.

Line Item Blueprints

Store reoccurring services and products.

Send Estimates

Use an invoice status of "estimate" for client bids.

Publish Options

Email clients, Send to the Printer or Save to Disk.

Customizable Invoice Labels

Your own company vocabulary or language.

HTML-based Invoice Templates

Customize the invoice layout to meet your needs.

Full or Partial Payment

Invoices will update to show paid and due totals.

Client Balance Sheet

Track your financial history with each client.

Track Business Expenses

Do you know where your money goes?

Invoiced Expenses

Pass on travel and supply costs right on an invoice.

Built-in Reports

Tally up overall income and expenses.

Comma Separated Value Export

Export to spreadsheet for more exotic totaling.
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Simple, Flexible, Essential