ProfitTrain 2.2 Released

-   Dec 20, 2013 -   Apps -  

I'm happy to announce that ProfitTrain 2.2 is available for download today.  It is a free update all registered users of ProfitTrain. ProfitTrain 2.2 has a bunch of new features and improvements to help you keep a better eye on your business.  The biggest edition is the new P&L Statement which lets you see Profit and Loss at a glance.  This report comes preloaded in 2.2 while we have made a few more reports available in the Reports Gallery with this up... [More]

 ProfitTrain and Mavericks

-   Oct 23, 2013 -   Apps -  

As Mavericks was just released, I wanted to write a bit about ProfitTrain's compatibility with it. I've been testing with Mavericks all through the betas this summer and fall. To date, I have not found any issues with it. While there are nothing that keep it from working, there are two things I wanted to note. First, on older Macs and/or bigger data sets, you might already notice that it takes a while upon opening ProfitTrain before it is ready to be used. Currently in M... [More]

 Advanced Invoice Customization in ProfitTrain

-   Oct 04, 2013 -   Apps -  

Following up with our last blog post from last week, I wanted to get into a little more detail on doing advanced customization.  I tried to balance showing you the process and keeping the length reasonable.  In any case, I think I cover the parts that you need to know to start making new invoice templates. I do not cover html in any depth.  If you don't known basic html, there are lots of places on the web to learn more about it.  Hopefully, this will... [More]

 Basic Invoice Customization in ProfitTrain

-   Sep 25, 2013 -   Apps -  

One of ProfitTrain's nicest features is its ability to make you invoice look exactly the way you want it.  It is just incredibly flexible. Today, I'm posting the first in a 2 part series on invoice customization.  Today's screencast covers all the things you can do to easily customize your invoice.In a next screencast, we'll dig into making your own invoice templates.  It should be up in the next few days.

 Estimates in ProfitTrain

-   Jun 05, 2013 -   Apps -  

ProfitTrain has a simple way to create estimates and then turn those estimates into invoices. I made a quick video that will show you all the basics of creating and using estimates in ProfitTrain.While this video shows you the basics, it is possible to make a custom invoice template that you can use to really make your estimate stand out. We'll cover this in future screencasts.