Billable: Simple service and invoice tracking

In February 2010, the 2.0 version of Billable was released and with this release, a name change. If you are new user looking for an invoice application for Mac OS X please check out ProfitTrain.

What's new in ProfitTrain 2.0 since Billable 1.2

There has been a lot of changes (both big and small) but to highlight some of the major items...

Worry Free Trial

If you are interested in ProfitTrain you can run it right alongside Billable. It will not overwrite any of your Billable data files (though you are welcome to import Billable data into ProfitTrain). Give it a test drive and see if you like the new features. If not, feel free to go back to Billable.

For previous users...

If you own a license for Billable, you can upgrade to ProfitTrain for $24.95 (50% off the regular price) using our online store. When you are buying the upgrade license be sure to have your Billable license handy during checkout. Your Billable license may be found by clicking Registration on the main Billable menu or by looking it up in our system.

Billable Download

If you need to re-download Billable, it is still available online.