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Our beautiful Sudoku for kids is back in a 6×6 grid for a more challenging puzzles for ages 6 and up.

Puzzles range from easy to more challenging and allow you to play through all our puzzles in workbook style tracking up to 3 different users or to just get to a new puzzle quickly with our Quick Play option.

3 Challenging Levels

SudokuKids has 3 levels of puzzles, Easy, Medium, and Hard. Working through the levels will get your kids ready for harder puzzles as they go.

Book Style

SudokuKids offers a book style listing of the puzzles and keeps track of which puzzles you have done and which ones you still haven’t solved. Kids enjoy working though the level books and feel a real sense of accomplishment when they have solved all the puzzles in a level.

Quick Play puzzles

If you don’t want to play through a puzzle book and track your progress, just touch Quick Play, choose a level and go.

Multi-User enabled

Up to 3 users can work through the app’s puzzles in their own “books”. Let your children each have their own space to play and be challenged.

Help, Hints and Feedback

There are plenty of controls to allow your kids to get hints and help in the puzzles. If they really don’t need the ability to get hints? Turn them off.