Available in the Apple App Store

RunNow is an easy to use workout timer to increase your running stamina or speed. RunNow is great if you are starting out and need to build up your fitness base with a run/walk program or even a couch to 5k program. It also can be used by more experienced runners to time interval workouts to increase your speed.

RunNow can be set for vibrate or audio notification of interval start/stop as well as workout end time when appropriate. You can also turn on halfway notification for “out and back” runs.

RunNow has a built in couch to 5k workout program available for purchase or you can set your own workout plan manually.

RunNow also has a simple workout log so you can see look back over your workouts when your done.

RunNow is available as a free app with limited functionality with an available in app purchase to get all the features or you can buy the pro version directly.