New Krytan Machine

Available in the Apple App Store

New Krytan Machine is a fun utility to help you translate New Krytan writing you find in Guild Wars 2 as well as make New Krytan messages to share with your friends and guild.

New Krytan to English

The New Krytan Machine will give you a full New Krytan keyboard to enter the symbols. The symbols will stay visible in the view area so you can confirm that your New Krytan text matches what you see in the game. Pressing translate will give you the Engish version and you can always touch the keyboard to keep on entering more.

English to New Krytan

You can also type messages in English and have them translated into New Krytan. This can be great for making messages, events, or puzzles for your guild, alliance and others.

Share them

Have you entered a New Krytan message you want to share? New Krytan Machine makes your messages easy to share over the web. Email, Text or Tweet a link to a web page with your New Krytan text. Check out a random New Krytan message to see what the shared messages will look like.


This app is a universal app which will work great on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.