Using Multiple Currencies in ProfitTrain

-   Feb 19, 2014 -   Apps -  

One of the most common questions we get these days is regarding using multiple currencies in ProfitTrain.  You might be based in the United States, but have clients spread across the world.  Some you expect to be billed in US dollars while others require the bill to be in euros or pounds.

By default, ProfitTrain will use the default system currency found in System Preferences under Language and Region.  Most invoice templates will use the currency format as you see it there.

If you do need to have invoices in a different currency though, it can be done with a custom invoice.  You can create custom invoice template for each currency that you need to use.  At a basic level, it is simply converting the amounts to the different currency inside the template.  You can use the sample BillableEuro and BillablePound templates or create your own.

Once you have the new template(s) created and installed on your system, you can set particular clients to use different invoice templates.  You simply need to open the client inspector (double click on the client) and select the default template under the Defaults view.

As ProfitTrain does not natively support multiple currencies, it doesn't handle conversions from one currency to another.  ProfitTrain will treat the totals on your invoices as if everything is using the system default currency.  So while this is a great method for getting invoices in different currencies, your totals/reports will not show your actual income (with conversions) taken into account.

The BillableEuro and BillablePound invoice templates have been added into the Invoice Template gallery and can be downloaded for your use. 

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