ProfitTrain and Mavericks

-   Oct 23, 2013 -   Apps -  

As Mavericks was just released, I wanted to write a bit about ProfitTrain's compatibility with it.

I've been testing with Mavericks all through the betas this summer and fall. To date, I have not found any issues with it. While there are nothing that keep it from working, there are two things I wanted to note.

First, on older Macs and/or bigger data sets, you might already notice that it takes a while upon opening ProfitTrain before it is ready to be used. Currently in Mountain Lion, you can see ProfitTrain on the screen and you need to wait for it. Under Mavericks, ProfitTrain doesn't show on the screen until it is ready to be used.  It does come up when it is ready, but there is a delay in some scenarios. (I am working on this for the next big update.)

Second, just as you have with Mountain Lion, you need to continue to allow applications be downloaded from Anywhere under the security settings. After installation of Mavericks, it is a good idea to check this setting (under System Preferences, Security & Privacy, General) and make sure it is set properly.

Enjoy the new update.



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