ProfitTrain 2.2 Released

-   Dec 20, 2013 -   Apps -  

I'm happy to announce that ProfitTrain 2.2 is available for download today.  It is a free update all registered users of ProfitTrain.

Profit Loss StatementProfitTrain 2.2 has a bunch of new features and improvements to help you keep a better eye on your business.  The biggest edition is the new P&L Statement which lets you see Profit and Loss at a glance.  This report comes preloaded in 2.2 while we have made a few more reports available in the Reports Gallery with this update.

ProfitTrain 2.2 also has improved support for creating custom reports and invoice templates.  If you are interested in making a specific report that you couldn't make previously, check back on our documentation.  (If you still can't make it, let us know what you need.)

ProfitTrain 2.2 now has better built in email support including support for Airmail and Postbox along with a bunch of other small improvements and bug fixes.

As always, if there is something specific you are looking for, let me know.

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