ProfitTrain 2.1 - What's new

-   May 23, 2013 -   Apps -  

I'm excited to announce that ProfitTrain 2.1 is released today.  ProfitTrain 2.1 is a free update to all registered users of ProfitTrain.While there are a number of improvements in ProfitTrain 2.1, I wanted to cover the biggest items in this blog post.  Custom reports are now available in ProfitTrain.  This means you can now add new reports and make your own.  In order to facilitate report sharing, we made a Reports Gallery where you can browse available reports and download them for ProfitTrain.   While making the reports gallery, it seemed crazy not to make a way to share and view invoice templates as well, so we made an Invoice Template Gallery.  Now you can easily add new invoice designs into ProfitTrain and if you have one you want to share with the world, please let us know. As mentioned in our last newsletter, we've been adding a lot of videos demonstrating common tasks and now have added a new video Getting Started guide to help you master the basics of ProfitTrain in just a few minutes.  The response from new ProfitTrain users has been positive so far.  We've also added a lot to the online help and link directly to it form inside ProfitTrain now. There are also a handful of small additions, from helpful shortcuts (like pressing 't' inside a data field to get today's date) to bug fixes (logo no longer stored/lost in cache). Be sure to follow us through Facebook, Twitter, or this blog to stay on top of the latest news.  I'll be posting about new helpful videos, new reports and invoice templates in the coming weeks.

 Using item notes in ProfitTrain

-   May 17, 2013 -   Apps -  

It is not uncommon for clients to want more details about the services you perform for them.  A simple line item description isn't always enough.  ProfitTrain has just the place for these kinds of details and notes, but it is hidden by default. This short screencast will show you how to enable the note column for to do items and invoice items.  It will show you how they work and how to turn them off if you don't want them after you've given it a try. 

 Trading Post for GW2 update hits the app store

-   Feb 20, 2013 -   Apps -  

Good news for users of our Trading Post app for Guild Wars 2.  Version 1.1 has finally been approved and released. Check for updates on your iOS devices and hopefully it will be there waiting for you. Version 1.1 is a small update.  The big item is the fix for items priced over 100 gold.  As a casual player with no hope of getting that kind of gold together (which out lots of gem conversions of course), it was something I completely missed.  The other was a user suggestion for a new search filter.  You can now request to search only a specific category. It is very helpful and only wish I had thought to add it in to begin with. If you have other updates you’d like to see in this app, please reach out and let me know. 

 RazorAnt Software acquires ProfitTrain

-   Feb 19, 2013 -   Apps, Business -  

I’m excited to share the news that ProfitTrain is joining the stable of RazorAnt Software apps. ProfitTrain is the fabulous small business app for invoicing and expense tracking.  I’ve been using ProfitTrain since before its official release in 2010 and it has been the only app we use for the “business part” of running our business.  If you are unfamiliar with ProfitTrain, I encourage you to check out the quick tour video to get a short overview. ProfitTrain, originally known as Billable, has been loving crafted by Mike Zornek of Clickable Bliss. Mike has created a great app that a lot of people love and depend on (including me). Mike wrote a post about the acquisition on the Clickable Bliss blog. We are hoping this transition turns out to be a huge win for everyone.  ProfitTrain users should see more frequent updates, Mike is happy to see his baby get the love it deserves, and I get to drive ProfitTrain into the future.  Toot! Toot! Along with the acquisition of ProfitTrain, we’re rolling out a ProfitTrain update (v2.0.10).  This update is mainly just a branding release, re-pointing the links for updates, feedback, and help to their new locations on the web. Hopefully, this will be the first of many releases in the coming months. If you are a ProftTrain user, I’d love to hear from you. I’d like to know more about how you use ProfitTrain, what you like, what you want improved, and what you feel it is missing. You can contact me here or from within the app (by clicking Help and then Send Feedback.)  

 New Krytan Machine is now universal app

-   Sep 06, 2012 -   Apps -  

Yesterday, the first update to New Krytan Machine for Guild Wars 2 hit the App Store. New Krytan Machine is a simple translation app for converting New Krytan found in Guild Wars 2 to English (or making an English message in New Krytan). The main feature of version 1.1 was converting it from an iPhone app to a universal app so it will run and look great on your iPad devices as well. There were a few minor bug fixes made as well. The iPad is a great device to have handy while playing Guild Wars 2 and New Krytan Machine is one app to keep handy to read the interesting signs around towns.